Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retreat Season

What in the world have the Vint's been up to? Well, since we work for one church, but two different ministries, we've been up to retreats.... well putting on retreats that is.

While we catch up on our sleep, here are a few pictures to see exactly what fun we have!
Hanna, a TSC student, and I sporting our 80's great at the TSC Retreat 80's dance!

The TSC staff. I have the best job EVER!

The TSC staff girls. LOVE THEM!

Notice the hilarious difference between a college retreat and a jr high retreat! =)

Joel, after he jumped in a pool of nasty food and (unknown to everyone at the time...someone's puke).

After the students did the dizzy bat, they had to run around a baby pool of nasty (as close as possible without falling in). Joel pushing some kid in!

How fun!