Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is this Florida?!

Last Saturday Ames had a HUGE storm. Think tsunami plus tornado weather (ok, so maybe it wasn't that bad). Regardless, I was super scared because we have 3 LARGE windows in our room and it is on the top floor of the house. There was a storm warning (with chance of a tornado at any moment) and the lighting was going crazy (it felt like the lights were on in our room). Joel decided that we should down sleep on the single bed in our basement, where there are no windows (it is moments like these that I am really ok with not having any kids yet).

We woke up the next morning and found....

A palm tree?! For a moment I felt like Dorothy felt in Kansas. Man, what I would give to live in the tropics!

Actually that is one of the HUGE pine trees in our back yard. God graciously sent it flailing over the fence towards the railroad tracks and not onto our house. Joel had a great time cutting this tree down. We now have lots of wood for our fire pit!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Typical Sunday

Today, like many other days in the Vint home was well.... eventful! I was sitting in my living room talking to my friend Jessie and all of a sudden. Pop! My wedding ring came flying off of my finger and rolled down into the crack of the couch (the funny thing is, I rarely play with my ring).

What is a woman in distress to do but call her beloved husband for help! =)

Joel ripped off the black stuff stapled to the bottom of the couch. He then tried to shimmy my ring from of the arm of the couch and out through a tiny hole. Complicated? Yes! While I stood giggling, giving my worried 2 cents of instruction. Did I believe it could be done this way? No... of course I thought we'd have to cut the couch apart.

But of course... his way worked! HE DID IT! I mean seriously... He is Joel Vint!

Did I not tell you He'd rescue me?

Lesson for the day: Stop acting like Eve (would ya just follow your man and listen)?! AND invent couches with no cracks!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Liquid Consciousness

I love working at Cornerstone (from my desk to Joel's is about 50 steps... when he is in the office). After having 180 Wednesday nights and having Salt Company on Thursday nights.... by the time Friday morning rolls around I feel like someone has thrown bricks at my head! I wake up and it's like "AHHHH!!!!" But the funny thing is that on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights I LOVE engaging with students and other leaders... LOVE IT! I Since I am unwilling to give up my habit of Wednesday and Thursday craziness, I've found a cure.... take a look!

That's right sista... it is not only coffee but creamer and a good dose of sugar!