Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Typical Sunday

Today, like many other days in the Vint home was well.... eventful! I was sitting in my living room talking to my friend Jessie and all of a sudden. Pop! My wedding ring came flying off of my finger and rolled down into the crack of the couch (the funny thing is, I rarely play with my ring).

What is a woman in distress to do but call her beloved husband for help! =)

Joel ripped off the black stuff stapled to the bottom of the couch. He then tried to shimmy my ring from of the arm of the couch and out through a tiny hole. Complicated? Yes! While I stood giggling, giving my worried 2 cents of instruction. Did I believe it could be done this way? No... of course I thought we'd have to cut the couch apart.

But of course... his way worked! HE DID IT! I mean seriously... He is Joel Vint!

Did I not tell you He'd rescue me?

Lesson for the day: Stop acting like Eve (would ya just follow your man and listen)?! AND invent couches with no cracks!

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  1. you two are awesome!! I wish someday I would write my "wedding" stories like you!!!

    Döndü (yeah that's me!)