Sunday, March 7, 2010

Liquid Consciousness

I am currently reading a book by Beth Moore (see previous post). She is a fantastic writer and uses the words "liquid consciousness" to describe her need for coffee. Though she and we depend on Jesus for our strength, I think on many days Joel and I would reference our beloved Dunkin Donuts Coffee as just that... liquid consciousness.

Meet "Liquid Consciousness"!

Joel has drank DD for nearly 7 years (and he used to order it when they didn't sell it at Walmart... clear sign of dedication). Pre-dating Joel I didn't even drink coffee much. Now, however I am hooked to DD plus the fact that I do add WAY more sugar and choice flavorings to mine than Joel does. My current choice is coconut... mmm! I sometimes hear, "Would you like some coffee with your sugar and creamer?" from Joel trying to make a a joke of my habits. He's probably right... but eh, whatev! My holistic motto for a healthy lifestyle is everything in moderation and thus far its workin' great!

That to say, he makes Dunkin WAY better than I do. He doesn't think he has any skill related to the kitchen, but I beg to differ. He makes a mean pot of coffee and I will never top him (I'm really ok staying in bed when he gets up to go make the coffee)!

They say to be an expert at something you have to spend nearly 10,000 hours doing it. Maybe Joel isn't an expert, but if they opened a DD in Ames he would make a fine barista (or whatever you call the man version). However, I do not think Cornerstone would let him leave his Jr. Pastor job (mostly because he rocks at it and God is really using him). We do hope someday to live near a DD... maybe in heaven!


  1. I will have to have a cup of Joel's joe because I had a cup from an actual DD over vacation and was not impressed. I wonder what I'm missing.

  2. Did you get it with cream and sugar??