Saturday, September 18, 2010

Matt & Jessica's Wedding

Joel's brother, Matt, got married to his wonderful new bride, Jessica, on August 28.

Joel officiated the wedding and I got to help with decorating and other fun things like doing my the hair of my two nieces and sister-in-law (this is such a fun thing when you've never had a sister until recently)!

At the Groom's Supper in our finest (I REALLY do LOVE it when Joel dresses up. He has great style anyways, but I guess it is just not his normal work apparel and so I get excited)!

Joel and Carrie trying to love on Matt. I can't even imagine them as children.... I have a feeling Matt got the bad end of the stick all too often (a middle child thing right?...) too funny!

I like this picture not because it is actually a great picture but because of the meaning. I am doing exactly what my mother would do in a picture with her sisters. Sticking out her face and smiling really big! Weird! It is also fun because we are clearly having a great time. One great thing is that none of us new sisters had a sister while growing up! We have a lot to catch up on!

My beautiful nieces Sydney and Addison!

Giving the bride away. Joel got to officiate the wedding. He did such a great job!

Ever since we got married we have been horrible at taking pictures of ourselves together. So we decided to do it when we got home (notice our home in the background). Dorks!



I clearly didn't take these pictures, but LOVE them, so I thought I'd share!

The In-Laws. Enough Said! =) Haha... just kidding! I love this. The photographer took pictures of people at the reception with these frames. What a FUN idea!

Jessica had the most beautiful flowers! And notice the bling... TOO FUN!

We LOVE YOU Matt & Jessica Vint!

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