Sunday, January 10, 2010

Road Trip To Chicago

This past Tuesday my buddy Brandon Young and I set out to visit our friends - Brandon and Sydney Jacobson - and take in the ISU vs Duke bball game at the United Center. It is always random, fun, and crazy when the Brandons and I get together. I love how we can go from Cyclone/Hawk smack-talk to Christmas Vacation Quotes to car dancing to impersonating John Piper to discussions about Luke 3:21. We had a worshipful time talking about the Trinity after listening to the Mark Driscoll's message below...

We spent a few hours discussing how in Luke 3:21 the Father and the Holy Spirit affirmed that Jesus was God and that NOW Jesus and the Father are in Heaven affirming the Holy Spirit in us and how His job is to point back to Jesus. One BIG circle! Romans 11:36 - "For from him and through him and to him are all things."

After a long car ride to Chicago we were ready for some fun. You can have fun at Home Depot and Dick's Sporting Goods can't you?

I was sure to get my Dunkin Donuts in for breakfast. Sydney cooked up some special bacon from Wisconsin. It was the thickest, tastiest, most artery clogging bacon I've ever had!
We watched the Hawkeyes win a big one in the Orange Bowl that night. This was big for the trip. Brandon Young is a die-hard Hawk fan so this was key in everyone's sanity the rest of the trip!

Wednesday morning was a great time of discussion about God's changing power in all of our lives the past few years. We reminisced about the college days and thanked God for his continuing work through all of our friends - Phil 1:6. The Domino Gospel keeps going and it's really fun to hear more and more from B Young and the Jacobsons!

Wednesday a.m. = Bowling Time. BY won. Sydney was 2nd. BJ was third - but only on a last frame strike! Ya... I got last

Wednesday night we hit up Gino's East - a famous Chicago style pizza place. I saw this restaurant on the Discovery Channel's "Man vs Food" show and had to go there.

It seems like any time Brandon Young and I road trip we get hooked up somehow. Below is our parking spot at the United Center. As we were heading to the game, we were discussing where we should park - the $17 spots or closer $25 ones. About 5 seconds after thinking I had no cash to contribute, a taxi Driver rolls down his window next to us and says, "Take it! It's free!" We were a little nervous but the closest spot possible is what we ended up with!
Cyclones got killed to Duke but we still had fun!
Being in the United Center and seeing the place where MJ won so many games for the Bulls outweighed the lackluster performance.
We had a fantastic time in Chicago and left at 7:30am back for Iowa. This is a picture of the accident that we waited 2.5 hours for wreckers to clear - 2 jack-knifed semis. We had just talked about how we want to be more patient men and better listeners - we get the point God!

We ended up making it to Iowa City and camping there Thursday night with our friends Andy and Lisa Bishop - 5 fresh cars in the ditch in a 1/2 mile broke my prideful desire to make it all the way home. I really was missing Sarah at this point and it took every car in the ditch to make us stay in Iowa City!I'm trying to get Brandon to consider moving to Iowa City to help with Cornerstone's church plant there. Meeting up with the Bishop's helped!

All in All - fantastic trip, great memories, and I'm challenged by my brothers to live more like Christ.

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