Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's a funny thing... once we got married and a lot of our friends got married... all of our friends start doing this other thing...


Nearly daily Joel and I get asked when we're going to have a baby (well maybe not everyday).

I usually smile and giggle. Like anyone really knows when they are going to have a baby. Right?

I know people plan and prevent but you don't really KNOW KNOW.

It's not a good or a bad thing that people ask... they just do and they just think, oh, well you're married so the logical thing for me to think is that you're moving on to the next thing.


So for now I just smile, giggle, and tell them that I am a huge fan of babysitting and hosting baby showers and I love being married and learning about my husband and figuring this wife thing out for awhile....

AND maybe, just maybe I might be a good afraid... I mean I think adopting or having a baby is a REALLY big deal.

So I guess we'll all just wait and see... (maybe wait and see for a good lil' while).

For now the Vint family is just us... Joel and Sarah!

And I mean really? What more could one want?

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