Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vint Vaca

THE Vint's went on Vaca last week... while our entire hometown was flooding (we were fortunate not to have any water in our basement).

We went to Joel's family's friends lake cabin. It was SUPER fun! Here are a few things we enjoyed..........

The cabin! At first glance you'll see that it's a little 70's. I have a mind that thinks... "How can we change this to make it look awesome?" and Joel thinks ... "No, it's great the way it is!" I realized that it is easy for me to think this way but he has SO MANY memories associated to this cabin and so it is GREAT just the way it is! It was fun to make some more great memories there as a new family!

The kitchen. There is a table across from the kitchen, home to many Vint Family card games.

The main room (extra bed to the left).

The main bedroom.

I am standing in the kitchen/dining area.
Here you can see the other bedrooms and the fireplace.

Sadly I forgot to take some pictures of the loft bedding upstairs. =(

Frosty's... a hole-in-the-wall ice cream joint in Longville, MN (aka small town USA). Also known as the turtle racing capital of the world. Try that one on for size!

Eating ice cream!

If you know us, you know that I broke Joel's driver (golf club) on one of our first dates. We found the Black Bear Golf Course while driving around on a windy day. Luckily, after 2 years, I was able to redeem myself by hitting a few balls and getting some tips from my personal golf pro, Joel W. Vint! Super fun (except I didn't know your back would hurt the next day)! $1.50 for a small bucket of balls and $3.00 for a large. Coming to your nearest golf course: the new and improved Sarah A. Vint!

Earlier in the week we got to play Ridgewood Golf Course in Longville, MN (we meaning Joel playing and driving the golf cart, Sarah being caddy [taking the flag out of the hole] and snapping a few pics).

Your vision is not going bad, these are in fact geese! This is also me taking a picture facing the other way while Joel is trying to chip in! Ah, whoops?! The basic story of our golf outings together. I guess that is what you get when your caddy is free!

My handsome golfer!

In all my years of cooking (I mean I was an FCS teacher), I have NEVER used a gas stove... and a mini one at that! There is certainly a first time for everything.

Over the course of the week I got to experiment with some new recipes out of my newest Taste of Home and Healthy Taste of Home Magazines (I am an avid subscriber and fan).

Here Joel is chompin' on some Caribbean Jerk Baby Back Ribs slow cooker style.
They were DE-LISH!

The famous Guacamole!

Ah, the lake! We didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much as we would to have liked to due to rain, but these little guys sure did!

We were blessed to hang out on the boat with some of Joel's friends from childhood.

This gal... she DID get her hair chopped off.... but also enjoyed catching some rays!

View from my toes!

The ever-famous ISU chair. A new treasure to our souls!

Joel, making some waves! He totally ROCKS at skiing (go figure)!

My LAME attempt at being a photographer with my Sony Cybershot. Even so, isn't our creator awesome?!

We enjoyed a couple of great books, praying, and reading the word! We definitely got some GOOD R&R as we head into a year filled with ministry! Thanks to our Gracious Father and our dear friends for such a great time!

Bring on the fall baby!


  1. LONGVILLE?!?!?! My family used to vacation up there! We'd stay at Pine Ridge Resort in a cabin for a week each summer when I was a young teen! I very much remember Frosty's and the turtle races, too! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! :)

  2. That's the "hole in the wall" ice cream place that Sarah mentioned! I love that place... Ponto lake.. where we stayed is about 10 miles from Pine River

  3. Cool! Frosty's ice cream place is DE-LI-CIOUS. I miss it up there and my husband and I have contemplated heading up there in the fall if things work out that way.
    Ponto lake...I don't know of that one, but Pine River rings a bell. We were at Girl Lake back in the day, which is next to Woman Lake (a big one...and there's a Little Boy Lake, too!). I can't remember if there is a Man Lake...