Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6th Grade Slam Highlights

Last Friday we had our annual 6th Grade Slam lock-in at Cornerstone. It was as an event aimed at creating "remember when" moments. Many memories were made... It was awesome!
70 sixth graders showed up and 15 adult volunteers - we needed every single volunteer!

The kids had a lot of fun and heard some great God stories from leaders along the way. We played dodgeball FOREVER, had a midnight pizza feed, and stayed up well past our bedtime.

It was fun to hear the leaders share openly and authentically - something we strive for in 180

The boys brought more friends so they got to pick who gets duct taped to the wall - Jase, Samantha, or myself. They were up for a challenge and chose Jase

The most fun for me was the morale dance. It's a dance that we did at the top of every hour that brought everyone together. 6th grade boys are the best - they're not in the "too cool" stage and it was a joy to see them dance like no one was watching! No 8th grade boy would ever do this...
180 is so blessed to have the leaders we do. They are very relational and give their time freely. Here's a picture of Heather Krueger and Audrey Ward. Heather's investment in a band of zealous 6th grade girls is already producing fruit. I can't wait to see what the upcoming years bring. Two seventh grade leaders, Dustin and Ben, attended just to teach us the dance and ended up staying all night - sleeping on the gym floor to guard the doorway. Jase and Samantha, the 180 interns, led the event from start to finish and did a fantastic job. Becky Jones and Vicki Hillock, 2 all-star parent leaders, didn't sleep at all and were happy about it! Shane Kelly is a man who works diligently behind the scenes.. somewhere around 4:30a.m. some boys got rowdy and were waking everybody. As I rolled over and wished it would go away, Shane got up from across the room, admonished them, and slept next to them - losing all hope of any sleep.

One of the reasons I love junior highers so much - their randomness

All in All, It was a Grand Slam!

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  1. I absolutely think that Alyssa and Abby look sweet, but I look tired. Very tired.