Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Diamond

Recently Joel and I went skiing with 70 junior high students from the ministry Joel leads called 180. Skiing was a part of a 180 weekend retreat in Dubuque, IA.

To give you a background, I am from MN and have been skiing nearly once every other year. Joel has been skiing probably about that many times or a few more. On this adventure, he decided to learn to snowboard. I avoided snowboarding and the idea of ending up on my rear the entire day (prideful and not wanting to fail at a new skill? most likely). Though we were skiing with students during most of the day, many of them headed to the comfort of the lodge earlier than we chose to. I guess we felt the need to get our money's worth.

If you've never been skiing, typically there are 3 different levels of hills. The first being green (the easiest), then blue, and then black diamond (which are usually the hardest). On your first day skiing (and your first day back after a long time) you are advised to stay on the green and blue hills.

That to say, Joel and I found one another after most of the 180 students had retreated from the hills. I had yet to end up on my rear, sticking to the recommended blue hills (and yes this is Iowa and they are not mountains... they are hills). No doubt, Joel had been on his rear multiple times and down multiple black hills. He asked me to go down a hill with him... a black diamond. I was like, "Umm...ok... are you sure babe???" "Oh yeah, you got it," he says. So we went near it and I was hesitant with more questions. In the end we headed down. I plummet to my rear instantaneously and shouted (he was a bit ahead), "Ok, I think I am going to walk back up, this is not going to happen!" Joel stops (like a pro mind you) and waits for me "You can do it babe!" I hear from below. Mr. Encouraging. "Ugh... how did I get him to con me into this?" I think trying to get up. I then see some good skier go by and see how one is supposed to go down this black diamond. Joel instructs me on how to get up and I do and with a fall or two more, I make it successfully down the hill with a wide smile!

Why do I tell you this story? Because this is the story of our lives... Joel is risky and I follow the rules to a T. He is a visionary and I am detail-oriented. He tends to see things from a positive perspective and I call myself a realist. All are good and not one is better. As we've been married nearly 10 months now, we've realized a thing or 2 and this is a pure example of how Joel will want to dive into something, I play it safe, and then he asks me if I want to go along. And me, not knowing how to say no (and if you know some of Joel's family members... no one says no because they are all WOO'ers), I usually go along with it, though hesitantly, knowing the potential danger.

As a Christian wife, I choose to submit to my husband and so this is a pure example of how sometimes this is hard, but oh so worth it. At the end of the hill I was so glad Joel had asked me to go with him. My initial questions were a showing of my usual (sometimes legitimate) hesitation, but I was so glad that I followed Him down the hill (though falling on my rear multiple times and a good does of humbling). He did a great job leading me by being where I could still see him and he could stop and tell me how to move forward. I want to trust that he knows what he's talking about more (please help God, sometimes I am a real brat)! In the end I will forever remember this example when he asks me to go somewhere (ahem) or be a part of something that I may be hesitant toward (godly obviously). Bring on the black diamonds baby!


  1. I love this story and laughed at Joel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have been married almost 10 months...I have been married almost 10 years and I couldn't have said this better myself! Great post and thanks for sharing and inspiring!