Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Extremes of Business & Boredom

This post comes to you straight from my classroom. I have time to write a blog post while on the job? Sad, but true. I am absolutely bored. My seniors were done almost 2 weeks ago and 75% of the students I teach are seniors. I've been chucking papers and cleaning every nick and cranny of my 2 classrooms for the last week and now I am done. Everything is off of the walls even. The 2-3 students I have left in 4 out of my 6 classes (due to seniors being gone) are working on final projects and my middle schoolers are finishing up their last unit. Crazy!

If you remember the last days of school, they were boring, mundane, and everyone was ready to freak out (and have I had my share of people freak out at me the last few days) because they were so sick of being in school and they had semester tests! Not to mention.. I mean, summer fun is right around the proverbial corner! Well, let me say that it is no different for a teacher... a 1st year teacher no less. One who yes is extremely grateful for her job and all that God has taught her. More on that one later! My brain is also about to turn off for about 2.5 months after cramming so many facts, ideas, theories, techniques, and skills into it and trying to teach middle and high school students in a semi-interesting way for 9.5 months. Now do I have the hardest or worst job in the world? No... (well besides the days I am convinced I'd rather work in a meat factory than with high school girls who are so mean to each other and me sometimes).

It's funny as I look back on my planner and think about the many days I had so much mental tension over deciding between going home and making dinner for my husband and having 100 things still to do at work for tomorrow, it is 6 pm and I have a 50 min commute or vice versa. And now I am bored? I feel like I live a life of extremes.

I was just telling Joel yesterday that I am so used to living super busy, going from one thing to the next, that I can't even imagine sitting at the pool this summer. I think I am going to be bored out of my mind. Regardless, I know I need the time off and have pledged to doing very little because I know my mind needs to unload and I need to sleep A LOT. I am achiever, a girl who thrives on lists and things to do. We shall just wait and see what happens... (hopefully I don't drive my husband, who still has to work, crazy)!

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