Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Glories of Grocery Shopping

Since I am a wife and a family & consumer sciences teacher, I have to grocery shop quite a bit (3 times a week at least). I know, those of you who have kids are like... chica, that is nothing. I guess I will find out if and when that day comes. When Joel and I first got married I loved grocery shopping. I still love it when I can take my time (which is like never). With that in mind, I try to shop when no one else does (Saturday mornings, early Sunday mornings, 8pm at night, etc).

Nonetheless, I don't always get to shop when I want to and so grocery shopping often becomes a huge game to me. How can I get everything I need, starting on one side of the store and making my way to the other side without having to turn around, all in the shortest amount of time? I recently had a friend tell me she saw me in the store and I was so focused that I didn't even notice her a couple of rows over... I guess that's how intense I get. Whoops... note to self.. work on being a freak in the grocery store (people do see you)!

Another thing that makes my time a little more fun is this guy... the HyVee "short cart" (as my husband and I so fondly call it). When I shop for school I shop at HyVee. I don't always get a short cart but when I do I get pumped. These dudes come in a limited supply and man whoever invented them needs a stinkin' raise! I was in a really odd mood the last time I was shopping and decided to take a picture of my "short cart" (yes that is TP)!

Think what you will... the small joys in daily life make a big difference!


  1. Small joys are all good. I get excited when I get to open a new bar of soap or a new box of cereal. The rare mornings when both of these things happen are super sweet. Enjoy the short cart while you can.

  2. What if the short cart was ipod enabled Carl? Now that would be a Huge joy!

  3. Now that is what I am talking about!

  4. Let's be honest, the short carts are one of the best inventions in recent memory. What a wonderful day it would be when these masterpieces rule the marketplace (especially if they were ipod ready). My only issue is I'm tempted to carry the little guys instead of push them. Part of it may be to get reactions from fellow shoppers and mix it up a little. Most of it is to make Lisa shake her head and get slightly embarrased. Anyway, quality post - thanks for sharing!